Cottages, Single, Double & Family Rooms

Monthly rent each 240 Euro

Advanced Paypal booking available.

Contact our friend Oliver for german information.


Prices January-November 2015:
Single/Driver Room: 1.600 Rs.
Lower Cottage/Double and Family Room: 1.600 Rs.
Upper Cottage: 2.000 Rs., extra persons each +200 Rs.
Breakfast/Snacks: 225+ Rs., Lunch/Dinner: 275+ Rs.
(+) Depends from your orders and seasonal prices.
Geocaching & Trekking Tours: Guide service 2.000+ Rs/day.
Islandwide tour arragements with driver and guide.

IMPORTANT - Reservation/Booking:
Dear guests, we had some trouble with booked rooms but nobody came (scams?). Please help us to keep rooms ready for all those guests who realy like to stay with us. Please call us 3 days in advance from a local number like your mobile, last guesthouse, driver or guide. We need a final confirmation call till 10:30 AM of booking day to be sure that you are on the way. Leave your number with us so that we can contact you incase of any delay. We do not accept roaming numbers. If we get no any contact to you till 11:00 AM room will be given to the next guest who ask for it.

Thanks for you understanding. We wish you a pleasent stay in Haputale.
WSM Dias

White Monkey - Dias Rest
On the way to Lipton Seat
"Hillside" Thotulagala at 3-km-post
90160 Haputale
Geocaching Base of Team Eaglerocks


Cottage at night


Cottage inside view


Cottage View to Eaglerock and Plains


Downhill Footpath to the Cottage


Plains View 700 m down under


Bathroom with hot shower

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Family Rooms

Monthly rent each 240 Euro

Advanced Paypal booking available.

Contact our german friend Oliver for more information.


Frontside and Inside


Laying of the Foundation Stones


Opening Day of the Door


Transport of the Pillars


Setting the Roof Top

* * * * *

Single Room / Driver Room

Veranda view: Southern Plains of Sri Lanka.

Balcony view: Tea Estates and mountains from Thotulagala via Pitaratmalie to Dambatenne.

Roof top view: 360°! Estates, mountains Lipton Seat, Eaglerock, plains, jungle and abyss.