Food & Drinks

1. Surprise Breakfast:

Have a Sri Lankan style breakfast with our family or


2. International Breakfast:

Have a choice of bread or toast with cheese or jam, boiled, scrambled or fried egg, tea, coffee or juice and seasonal fruits.


3. Lunch, Snacks & Dinner:

Daily fresh fish, beaf, chicken, mushrooms salad from the market. According your wishes we will prepair vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals.   

Prices May-November 2012:
Single/Double/Driver Room: 1.200 Rs.
Family Room: 1.200 Rs., Triple: 1.400 Rs., 4pers. 1.600 Rs.
Cottage: 1.200 Rs., Triple 1.400 Rs., 4 pers. 1.600 Rs.
Breakfast/Snacks: 150+ Rs., Lunch/Dinner: 300+ Rs.
(+) Depends from your orders and seasonal prices.
Geocaching & Trekking Tours: Guide service 1.500 Rs/day.
Islandwide tour arragements with driver and guide.



4. Alcoholic drinks:

Beer and Arrack are avalaible by order. Also you can use our fridge to keep your things cool and fresh.

Cause alcohol and drugs are a problem in our country we expect from our visitors to keep them in safe distance from our children. Don't invite locals or unwanted people for parties. We do not accept consum of any ilegal drugs on our property.