Geocaching with Team Eaglerocks

Team Eaglerocks

We are a group of young people from Thotulagalla, Haputale. We choose our name after the closely viewpoint Eaglerock where eagles can be seen every day. Team Eaglerocks has started in 2010 to hide secret boxes all around Haputale. This boxes can be found only by members with GPS navigation. Our caches have sizes from micro film box to sandwich boxes. Small boxes have just a login paper; bigger boxes contain a notice book, pencil, welcome message, game rules, trade articles and sometimes travel items.

Travel items are bugs and geocoins. Once you find them, check there codes in internet. Some of them traveled thousands of kilometer all around the world.

We met other box owners like Zakead, Jimmyblue, Ratna, Alfonso, Jevers Mom and Ida. Also we made lot of tours with international players from Europe, America, Near East, Australia and Asia.

It is a great game. We hope it will get many more friends in Sri Lanka. It is an interesting way to learn something about our country, culture, history, people and wildlife.


Terrain Difficulty *-****

Before starting this game, there were about 20 registered caches but mostly in villages, shops, gardens of somebody and sights with costly entrance fees. Nothing for us! We like places with more difficulty terrain in lonesome and remoted areas. Our boxes are hidden under soil, in trees, on rocks, in cliffwalls, caves, under waterfalls and in temples. Some places you have to wade and swim in rivers, falls and crocodile lagoons. Other places you can go by car, others by walk. But most places you need good equipment to hike plenty kilometers in thorny wild area. Multi tools, torch, mobile phones and GPS are important devices to bring by yourself.


Geocaching Tours

We offer islandwide tours to all Sri Lankan caches. Not all caches are known to us but most of them. Ours sons Promodh, Shirodh, Virajh and Hiran und their cousins Franklar, Krishant and Paul have lot of experience with this game. Shirodh and Franklar took part in most geocaching tours with our guests. They will be your tour guides. All guides speak Tamil, Singhala and English. They help you to find shortcuts, make ways with bushknife and arrange transport from/to Dias Rest.


Day tour small group 1.500 Rs. Big group 2.000 Rs. each guide. Extra costs for food parcel, drinking water and transport by public bus/train to our cache hikes.


Tour 1 - 5 Caches: White Monkey & Eagle Rock, Thotulagalla &Dambatenne Falls, Red Bridge Pitaratmalie. Start fromDias Rest. Free return by pblic bus.

Tour 2 - 4 Caches: Lipton Seat, Cave of Nayabedde, Samimale Rock Temple, Alex Kirk Viewpoint. Free transport by publicbus.

Tour 3 - 3+1 Caches: Kellibeddie & 80 Acres Viewpoint, Avatar Banyan Tree (Jimmyblue), Nikapotha Tea Estate. Start from Dias Rest. Free return by public bus. Each Taxi 5-6 Euro extra.

Tour 4 - 3 Caches: Surungamuni Cave (Temple&Haputale Viewpoint), Haputale & Panketiya Forest. Start from Dias Rest. Free return by public bus.

Tour 5 - 2 Caches: Idalgashinna East & Adisham Monestery. Free transport by public bus and train (III class).

Tour 6 - 2 Caches: Idalgashinna West & Portuguese Fort Haldumulla. Free transport by public bus and train (III class). Each Taxi 5-6 Euro extra.

Tour 7 - 3 Caches: Ohiya, Haputale West & Bambarakanda Fall (241 m). Free transport by public bus and train (III class). Each Taxi 5-6 Euro extra.

Tour 8 - 2 Caches: Diyaluma Cave & Fall (191 m). Free transport by public bus. Each Taxi 5-6 Euro extra.

Tour 9 - 10 Caches: Beach & Temple: Wellawaya, Budurulagalla, Westminster Abbey Temple & Mountain (558m/Govinda Hela), Lahugalla Temple, Pottuvil (Zakead), Arugam Bay Temple, Sastraweli Temple, Elephant Rock & Crocodil Rock. Distance: 400 km. Taxi up to 6 guests: 100 Euro, driver 10 €/day, each guide 14,50 €/day, extra costs for food and accommodation.

Geocaching Tours Sri Lanka

More Tours

We can arrange tours to all places in Sri Lanka like Aluthgama, Anuradhapura, Arugam Bay, Badulla, Batticaloa, Bentota, Beruwela, Bogoda Bridge, Buttala, Colombo, Dambulla, Dunhinda Fall, Ella, Galle, Haggala, Hambantota, Hikkaduwa, Horton Plains, Kalutara, Kandy, Kataragama, Mahiyangana (Veddha village), Matara, Mirissa, Narigama Beach, Negombo, Nuwara Eliya, Panadura, Passekudah Beach, Peradeniya, Polonnaruwa, Ratnapura, Sigiriya, Sinharaja Forest, Trincomalee, Udawalawe NP, Unawatuna Beach, Yala NP, etc.

Taxi fares: Short distance up to 0,50 Euro/km. Long distance approx. 0,20 Euro/km.

Contact our german friend Oliver for more information.