TrainMyBrain & Children Park Fund

Growing up with lot of shortcomings we had always the wish to do something for our neighbourhood and children. In this time when our children visited our local schools, we came to know about lot of problems. Especially the problems and activities after the Christmas 2004 Tsunami gave us some inspiration to do more. While giving lot of small helps in past years, we decided to build some groups according requests of people in helpless situations.


2006 - Children Park Fund

Always interested to help we had the idea to do something for the children around Haputale. With my good friend WSM Dias I visited some schools and crèches, spoke with teachers, students and principals about there needs. Especially we missed playing grounds, cause of rare places and financial situation always a problem here. So it became our wish to make the time in school more enjoyable for children. Dias agreed to organize all the neccessary work, to buy and install the toys, prepair the grounds, to find local voluntairs and support from the local authorities. Myself I offered him to present his sacrified work with descriptions and photos in this homepage.

Most of donations have been collected by European donors, fleemarkets and guesthouses of city homepage.

My best wishes for this projects,
E. Oliver


To whome it may concern,

Following the idea of Oliver we have decided to make a fund in aid of children parks in the remoted schools around Haputale area.

A German E. Oliver has created a special homepage in the name of Haputale at the first time. This is his personal property and all rights belongs to him. All the tourists who come to Sri Lanka can watch this homepage and find more needfull information about Haputale than in any guidebook.

We have the idea to use this homepage with the support of Oliver to find help for the "Children Park Fund". However, who is able to grant a chance to help our children will be mentioned in this homepage. All donations to help the social projects of "Children Park Fund" should be deposit at the UDB Haputale (Uva Developement Bank) at account number 18178 of WSM. Dias. Please send us your name and amount you have given. We will check and confirm it. Visitors are welcome to meet me in Thotulagala at 3rd. km post.

It is a pleasure to inform you that this money directly goes to the above said "Children Park Fund". It could be enable to promote the children activities and the capability of the future generation. Your kind participation in this project will be highly appreciated.

For further information please contact E. Oliver in Germany.

Yours truly,
Children Park Fund
WSM. Dias


2006 - Haputale City Homepage

E. Oliver from Germany started his English city homepage homepage which offers actual information all around Haputale. Yearly highlighted guesthouses, communication and shops supporting our Children Park Fund and TrainMyBrain projects with some donations.


Children Park Projects:

2007: Thotulagalla (Double Swing, Double Seasaw, Climbing Tower), Kahagolla (Double Swing, Double Seasaw)

2008: Blackwood (Double Swing, Climbing Tower), Wiharagala (Double Swing, Climbing Tower)

2009: Moussakelle (Double Swing, Double Seasaw), Pitaratmalie (Double Seasaw, Climbing Tower)

2010: Tharagai Pre-school Thotulagalla: A tower was donated by Oliver but not fixed so far cause children can use the nearby primary school children park.


2009 - Start of TrainMyBrain projects

Giving all this children parks for our schools, we came to now about more important needs like damaged buildings, class rooms, toilets, watertanks and sport equipment. But also about poor families and disabled families. We thought we should do something more. We got this help mostly through foreighn donors. Great thanks to all Sri Lanka forums and members who support and visited us. Good support came also by guesthouses of city homepage.

2009: The Tharagai pre-school stood many years without finishing. Doors, windows, roof, plastering, colour, toilet, water and electricity were missing. Cause of our activities around this building, we got some support from local authorities and opened this building in February 2009. 35% of building costs were given by TrainMyBrain.

2010: This was our first time building 12 toilets at 4 schools in Thotulagalla Lake, Thotulagalla primary, Pitaratmalie and Tamil Central College Haputale. Digging of pits was extremely difficult cause of rocky underground. Also a water supply has been given to the TCC Haputale. All this donations came from German Sri-Lanka-Forum (Petra W.), selling of a homesite Sri Lanka Calendar 2010 and Christmas market.

2010: Oliver, family, friends and guesthouses (helped us to build a little house for Philip, his disable wife and 3 children (one son with disabled leg). They lived before in remoted area. Now they have a little 3-room house in Thotulagalla. Just 2 minutes walking distance from the pre-school and primary school.

2011: Adeeb is a deaf boy of 2 years. His father Keyasdeen called us in October 2010 from Pottuvil (our Tsunami helper). He asked us for help to get an CI (Cochlear Implant) from Hannover. We contacted Oliver in Germany and sent him all medical reports of Adeeb. Oliver started a donation project. He contacted the Cochlear company, several German Sri Lanka forums and hospitals in Germany and Sri Lanka. The WISH hospital Colombo gave free tests in November and December 2010 with newest equipment. Hereafter the hearing was much better than expected. An alternative hearing device from Siemens has been ordered to prove it next 3-6 months. Does it work well, we don´t need any operation. Thought that we would need lot of money for CI and therapies, it could be much less with this two Siemens hearing devices. This Siemens devices arrived end of January to WISH Colombo and will be handover to Adeeb parents in beginning of February 2011.

Our thanks goes to the friends-for-friends e.V., Nature Volunteers and Sri Lanka Forums SLB, SLF and Reisespinne.


December 2011

25. November 2011. Heavy rainfalls and storm all around the mounains. A 2 m large rock fall 4 m deep on a house, damaged the roof, broke a wall and destroyed a bed. This happens in Thotulagalla. It was the good luck of the family that two members left this bed only few minutes before this desaster happens. A sidewall got to much wet by rain. The family thought to get some help by the estate management and chatastrophy fund but nothing happens till middle of December 2011. Finally we asked in a German Sri Lanka Forum for help. It took less than 24 hours to collect 310 Euro to repair all damages. Thanks to all donors.