Taxi, 3-Wheeler, Bus & Train


Timetable for Trains (7. March 2012)

A= Udarata Menike, B= Podi Menike, C= Night Mail Train, D= Slow Train

Haputale - Colombo Fort (9 hours): 7:47 (A), 10:48 (B), 20:18 (C)

Haputale - Kandy (6 hours): 10:48 (B), 14:37 (D), 20:15 (C)

Haputale - Badulla (2 hours): 4:55 (C), 11:25-11:50 (D), 14:09 (B), 17:34 (A)


Timetable for Busses

Most Busses start from/pass the New Bus Stand near Risara Bakery.
Welimada busses from the Colombo Road behind the People´s Bank.
Further on there are several private busses.

1. Colombo - Badulla: 6 am, all 30 minutes till night.

2. Badulla - Colombo: 8 am, all 30 minutes till night.

3. Haputale - Welimada: 5:55 am, 6:15 am, all 15 minutes till 7 pm.

4. Haputale - Nuwara Eliya: 7 am and 2 pm.

5. Dambatenne - Bandarawela: 8 am, all 30 minutes till 6:30 pm.

6. Bandarawela - Dambatenne: (Lipton Tea Factory): Morning - Evening all 30 minutes.

7. Bandarawela - Wellawaya: 6:15 am, 7:30 am, all 30 minutes till 7 pm.

There are several private busses going to Bandarawela, Wellawaya, Welimada, Dyatalawa. From Bandarawela you can go on to Badulla. From Welimada and Diyatalawa to Nuwara Eliya and from Wellawaya to Amparai, Pottuvil and south coast.

Times can change meanwhile. There is no guarantee for timelineness of trains and busses.


Wheeler & Van (tuctuc)

3wheeler short distance: 25-35 Rs./km
- long distance: 19-25 Rs./km

All mentioned prices according March 2012 interviews. Van and night faires are higher. Prices can increase due to economical reasons. Long distance tours (km-prices in brackets) are cheaper than short distance. You have to pay all km incl. return to the start. Some vans have AC. Many guesthouses, hotels and bungalows offer free taxi call and tour arrangements with own and local drivers.

Special day tours can be arranged to nearby sights like Lipton Seat, Adisham Monestary, Ella, Bogoda Bridge, Horton Plains, Buduruwagala and waterfalls like Bambarakanda, Diyaluma, Dunhinda and Saint Claire. There might be extra charges for waiting time, over night stay and guides. Please make sure to know all conditions before starting your tour.

Our guesthouses offers pickup service from Haputale Busstand and Railway Station (bus 20 Rs/3wheeler 150-200 Rs.). Just call some hours in advance to arrange it. Some drivers have guestbooks. They would be happy to get a feedback from you.

Any problems or complains about bad touts/drivers/guides/comissions? Help us to stop it! Send the name, photo, vehicle number, date and further details to Urban Council Chairman Upul Dissanayake If you like to speak with chairman Upul Dissanayake please visit his Urban Council Office in Haputale Station Road, right behind the town hall.


1. Raheem (Mohamed Saleem)

Van No. 58-7777 & 3wheeler no. UP QM-5338 (blue)
Mobile: 0722710092 - Home: 057-2268440

Km prices: Non AC-Van: 50 Rs. (30 Rs.) +10 Rs. with AC - 3wheeler: 25 Rs. (20 Rs.)

Raheem started in 1996 as taxi driver. He is 38 years old, has a wife, daughter and a son. Raheem worked 4 1/2 years as driver in Saudi Arabia. He can speak tamil, singhala, arabic and english. Raheem is a well known to me. We have made lot of tours around Sri Lanka.

I never forget the day me and friends came back late night when suddenly a big cow jumped on the road. A rope around her neck stopped her run but her body turned around to the middle of the road. It was a fearful moment for me having this coloss eye-to-eye, just a secound to decide, but Raheems fast reaction saved all our lifes.


2. Abdul Razak, White Home Guesthouse

3wheeler - blue - No. UP GO-7005
Adress: 211, Welimada Road, Magiripura (near Adisham)
Mobil: 0716401545 - 0715292726 - Home: 057-2268449

Km prices: 25 Rs. (20 Rs). One day waiting charge 800 Rs.

I made a weekend tour with lot of kids to the Adisham bungalow. Nearby I found a"White Home" guesthouse signboard. Thought to find a new guesthouse for my Haputale homepage, I met the friendly and welcoming family of Abdul Razak. The guesthouse started in February 2012. They have a 3wheeler for tours and offer free pickup service for guests. Also they run a little eatery in the Bandarawela Road. Abduls wife Sansul Maharifa is looking and cooking for the guests. Son Mohamed Aslam and daughters Fahima, Nimnas and Apsa are their lovely children. They are very much interested to practise their english knowledge and like to meet more people from other countries.


3. Haniffa (Mohamed Alazath)

Red 3wheeler no. UP QT-2437
Adress: Welimada Magiripura Road (near Leisure Mount View Holiday Inn)
Mobile: 0723999359 - Home: 057-2268186

km-prices: 25 Rs. (19 Rs.)

I met Haniffa on a walk close to his home. An enthusiastic young man who wished to find more guests by this way. Haniffa is 28 years old, married, has a little daughter. He drives since 8 years, speaks tamil, singhala and english. He can arrange islandwide tours and guide service by own 3wheeler and a friends car. Haniffas father has a tyres & chicken food shop opposite the Peoples Bank Colombo road.


4. Sanath

Blue 3wheeler no.
Adress: Sherwood, Dambatenne Road
Mobile: 0724794457

km-prices: 25 Rs. (20 Rs.)

Sanath is a well known driver to me. His wife and daughter are so sweet and welcoming. It´s always a pleasure to meet and talk to them. I´m realy happy to have them as my friends. Since many years we have done lot of tours around of Haputale but also long distances like Arugam Bay and Colombo. Sanath gave me always good prices. He is a safe and trustful driver. Always taking care of my bags when going for shopping tour. Sanath speaks well tamil, singhala and english.


5. Ajith

Priyantha (*1976), a good, polite and well educated driver who knows to speak good English, Tamil, Sinhala, Hindi and Arabic. Ajith has a blue 3-wheeler with the registration number "UP JJ-8982". Tour reservations can be done by phone. Mobil: 072-3229278 or home: 057-2268405.

After his O-level Ajith worked 2 years as lorry driver on the Maledives and some years as privat chaffeur for a family in Kuwait. Since 2001 he drives a 3-wheeler in Haputale, is married since 2004 and lucky father of a daughter. His father has a little vegetable shop.

5. Ralahami

Tel.: +94-(0)712358027

Location: Grocery Shop Thotulagala, Dambatenne Road, km 4, near busstand to Sigiriya Village Bungalow, Van No. 51-9614

Mr. Ralahami is a good, safe and recommendable van driver, married since end of 2006. He runs a little grocery shop nearby in Thotulagala (Bus Halt), 4 km east from Haputale at the Dambetanne Road - On the way to Lipton Seat! Tours can be arranged directly or via Mr. WSM Dias from "White Monkey - Dias Rest Guesthouse" in Thotulagala. Ralahami speaks Singhala and Arabic well, also less Tamil and English. Ralahami is well experienced and has made lot of tours to the east, west and south coast as well as all around the mountains.

Taxi Park Haputale

Vans and 3wheelers at the main junction Haputale (Colombo/Station/Dambatenne Road).