Trecking Tours around Haputale

My first special trecking tour with a foreighner was in January 2000 when I started friendship with Oliver from Kiel, Germany. He asked me to be his guide for a 2 weeks walk from Horton Plains to Mahiyangana. We climbed down from Horton Plains to Ohiya. We walked down the Ohiya Oya, Uma Oya and Mahaweli Ganga. A good time with lot of positive inspiration and hospitality of locals in remoted areas. From this time till today we are good friends doing lot of activities together.

During ceasefire 2003 Oliver and me did a one month/600 km trecking tour from Nuwara Eliya via Horton Plains, Sri Pada and Hatton alongside the Mahaweli Ganga to Trincomalee. We took a bottle of spring water from the Marlborough Estate Hatton all the way to Fort Trincomalee and gave it as a gift to GA Nelumdeniya. The hardest and longest walk we´ve done so far.

Our "White Monkey - Dias Rest" guests ask us many times to offer trecking tours. So we have done several tours to Eagle Rock, Pitaratmalie Forest, Haputale Forest, Lipton Seat, Samimale Rock Temple (above Dambatenne tea factory), Moussakelle, Mahakande, Nayabedde, SLBT tower, Alex Kirk (Bandarawela viewpoint), Surungamuni temple (Haputale viewpoint), Kelburne, 80 Acres, Nikapotha, Mothuana, Golkonda, Sherwood, Adisham, Idalgashinna, Haldamulla, Ohiya, Horton Plains, Bambarakanda Fall, Diyaluma Fall, etc.

In 2010 we have built the Geocaching group Team Eaglerocks playing a modern form of GPS scavanger hunt. By now we have 30 places in Sri Lanka where you can find our caches. Our tours are most recommended for all those hikers who exspect some more terrain difficulty than to be hidden in the garden of somebody. To play this game, please bring your own GPS-device.

Free from this GPS game we are able to arrange half/full day trecking tours with/without vehicles, tour guides and food parcels. Prices on request. Please contact/meet us at least 24 hours in advance for details. Groups max. 12 people. More information in the folder geocaching.

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WSM Dias and Oliver in January 2000